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Chapter 519 Underworld comes forward

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    Nearly 100,000 combat power values!

    There is no doubt about Qin Moyu¡¯s strength after the swastika solution!

    After killing several old monsters from Black Mountain, Qin Moyu didn¡¯t mean to leave in a hurry, but flew directly towards the gate of hell!

    There is no need to negotiate with Ning Caichen and the Red Queen. After Qin Moyu arrived at the gate of hell, he started with a move called Tianzhen Zhenxing!

    A huge meteorite fell from the sky and hit the ghosts and monsters at the gate of hell!

    Although the skills from the skill card will not be improved as Qin Moyu's combat power value increases!

    However, this move is still very intimidating!

    Immediately after the move of Tianyu Zhenxing was launched, Qin Moyu raised his hand, and then mobilized powerful spiritual pressure!

    Countless thunder and lightning accompanied by the fog quickly filled the air!

    The sixty-seventh part of the broken path, the thunder disperses!

    Although the ghost path of Lei Ming San is just the ghost path of No. 67, the biggest advantage of this move is the range attack!

    The mist that spread out was mixed with countless lightnings, causing countless ghosts and monsters to scream!

    Coupled with the move of Tianzhen Zhenxing, the army of tens of thousands of ghosts fell into terrible chaos!

    When the quantity accumulates to a certain extent, quantitative changes are enough to produce qualitative changes!

    However, when the power gap between the two sides is too large, the so-called quantity cannot change anything!

    After the thunderous ghost path was dispersed, Qin Moyu's captain-level spiritual pressure was also mobilized, and he began to chant the ghost path's incantation!

    The distance of a thousand hands cannot touch the dark hands, the archer of the sky cannot be reflected, the road of radiance spreads, fanning the wind of fire, there is no need to be confused when we gather together, just follow my instructions, light bullet¡€eight bodies¡€nine lines¡€  Tianjing¡€Jibao¡€Big Wheel, the gray turret, leads the bow into the distance, dissipates brightly, the ninety-one of the broken roads, the thousand-handed cannon in the bright sky!

    A complex and long incantation spat out from Qin Moyu¡¯s mouth!

    Immediately afterwards, countless light balls smashed down like a meteor shower!

    No. 91¡¯s broken path was released with Qin Moyu¡¯s captain-level spiritual pressure. It was a dense and terrifying attack, a complete carpet bombing!

    In an instant, the entire army of ghosts became even more chaotic!

    In addition, the old monster from Montenegro is dead, so this army can be said to be leaderless. No matter how large the number is, it is nothing more than a mob!


    In the mortal world, Ning Caichen and the others were naturally keeping an eye on the situation here at Guimenguan. After discovering the strange phenomenon here, someone immediately reported the news to Ning Caichen!

    "Has the Tianzhi Zhenxing been activated? It was Master who did it!"

    Ning Caichen certainly knows the iconic ability of Tianyu Zhenxing. From this move, he can also determine the situation!

    Although I don¡¯t know why Master chose this time to take action, Ning Caichen didn¡¯t think too much about Master¡¯s trust!

    Notified the Red Queen immediately!  Immediately afterwards, the nuclear weapons made by the people of Tiandaotang and the Red Queen also came in handy, and bombed towards Guimenguan!

    With Qin Moyu¡¯s power, the world can be turned around!  Explode with the power of a nuclear bomb!  Plus this army is leaderless

    As the battle began, these monster armies immediately collapsed and fled in all directions!


    In the Hall of Hell, King Qin Guang is sitting quietly on his throne. Of course, King Qin Guang has already received the news about what happened at Guimen Pass!

    "Humph, the old demon from Montenegro is really useless! They are just a bunch of rabble"

    Knowing that the old demon from Montenegro was killed, and the troops that had been gathered fled in all directions, King Qin Guang snorted coldly!

    "This is something that can't be helped. No one has ever expected that there are monks with such profound Taoism in the world!"

    Standing in front of King Qin Guang, the judge shook his head and said!

    These words made King Qin Guang silent for a moment, but he nodded in agreement!

    Although in my opinion, the Black Mountain Old Demon is nothing, but to the human world, its strength is still very strong!

    With his ability, there should be no problem in handling those things!

    But I didn¡¯t expect that such a powerful monk would appear. It was really unexpected!

    "The Gate of Hell is where my underworld is after all. The matter has come to this.Just take Xie Bian and Fan Wujiu with you and handle the matter!  "After a moment of silence, King Qin Guang said!

    "Yes!" The judge nodded, bowed and retreated!

    The three red light balls behind Qin Moyu have dissipated into nothingness. The Zanpakuto in his hand has also turned into a double-edged sword, and he is wearing a white haori cloak

    With every move he made, he was still unparalleled in power, but compared to the beginning, it was far behind!

    After all, with the attack support from Tiandaotang and the Red Queen, the situation has become one-sided!

    So, I don¡¯t need to expend too much power anymore!

    If nothing else goes wrong, in Qin Moyu's opinion, there should be a hard battle waiting for him to officially prove his ability!

    Therefore, after exiting the state of swastika, Qin Moyu is also secretly adjusting his power!

    At the same time, he took out a pill without leaving any trace and put it into his mouth!

    ??The secret medicine box, this time in the world of A Chinese Ghost Story, is a pill that restores breath!

    Qin Moyu has always been in his hand, now it¡¯s time to use it!

    Sure enough, as the army of these ghosts and monsters collapsed, they were dead and running, and when they were no longer their opponents, a powerful aura suddenly appeared!

    The black and white clothes are all seducers, led by Black and White Wushuang!  And the judge in the bright red official uniform!

    "Is it Black and White Wuchang again?" Qin Moyu's heart moved slightly after taking a look at Black and White Wuchang!

    Of course, the black and white impermanence in the world of A Chinese Ghost Story is different from the black and white impermanence in the world of Mr. Zombie!

    At the same time, the world of A Chinese Ghost Story has a higher force value than the world of Mr. Zombie!

    Therefore, although they are both black and white, their strengths are completely different!

    There is not much nonsense. After arriving, the black and white seducers took action and quickly captured the evil ghosts and evil spirits that escaped!

    At the same time, Judge Lu took the lead and came to Qin Moyu!

    "Okay, let's do errands in the underworld and avoid living people in the underworld. You can go back!" Lu Pan announced to Qin Moyu with a selfless look!

    "Is it over?" Seeing that the forces of the underworld finally appeared, Ning Caichen breathed a sigh of relief!

    Although they arrived late and did not play any role, since they appeared, it proves that this battle is over, and it ends with the victory of the world!

    "This matter can't end so easily, right?"

    However, Qin Moyu looked at Pan Lu with a tough attitude: "Thousands of ghosts gather at the gate of hell. The underworld has failed in its duty. Shouldn't it give us an explanation?"

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