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Chapter 523 Release of the T-Virus

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    In Tanlangxingjun¡¯s mansion, Tanlang and Taibaijinxing are sitting together!

    "Jinxing, that Zhuge Wolong is just a monk in the mortal world. He dares to block the will of heaven and just destroy him. Why recruit him to heaven?"

    Lord Greedy Wolf Star said to Taibai Jinxing, looking a little unhappy!

    A thorn in the lower world, let¡¯s go to heaven, but he falls under his own command?

    If possible, of course no one likes to have thorns under his command!

    "This matter is very simple!"

    Although Taibai Jinxing is a close minister of the Jade Emperor, he also belongs to the ranks of the Star Lord!

    Therefore, the relationship with the twenty-eight constellations is closer than with ordinary gods!

    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ¡°Then why did Zhuge Wolong block the heavenly plan? It was just from the standpoint of the mortal world! But now that he has become an immortal! Naturally, he will consider it from the standpoint of the immortal world!¡±

    "Besides, even though he has a slightly unruly personality, he can defeat Judge Lu head-on and possess Taoist and magical powers, which is pretty good!"

    "Being under your command, brother, doesn't it strengthen your momentum?"

    "Well, what Jin Xing said makes sense"

    Listening to Taibaijinxing¡¯s explanation, Tanlangxingjun thought carefully for a moment and nodded in agreement!

    It¡¯s true!  Why does Heaven let human beings go through hardships?  Isn¡¯t it for human offerings and incense?

    "If Zhuge Wolong also came to heaven, he would also be a god, and he would also have vested interests!

    Presumably, he will also consider it from the perspective of heaven!

    In addition, without Zhuge Wolong as the leader, it would be much easier to deal with the human world, right?

    As for pricking the head?  Even if his strength is good, can he still compare with himself?

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? No matter how hard you escape, you have to become obedient, right?

    "Speaking of which, judging from the time! Zhuge Wolong will be here soon, right? I have other things to deal with, so I'll leave first!"

    Having said the necessary greetings, Taibai Jinxing said goodbye!

    Lord Greedy Wolf Star stands up to see you off!

    After sending Taibai Jinxing away, Lord Tanlangxing returned to his mansion and sat down. At the same time, he was thinking secretly in his heart!

    After a while, when Zhuge Wolong came, how could I give him a good showdown?

    However, after waiting for a long time, Zhuge Wolong did not come, which made Lord Tanlangxing slightly startled!

    what happened?  Is it because the spiritual official went down to the lower realm to read out the imperial edict, and there was some delay?


    Although the spirit officer brought Qin Moyu to Lord Tanlangxing's residence, Qin Moyu had no intention of entering. Instead, he made a mistake and left in the distance!

    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Wandering around the Heavenly Court curiously, appreciating the elegance of the Heavenly Court, at the same time, Qin Moyu was also looking for a suitable place!

    Soon, Qin Moyu came to the Royal Horse Prison in Heaven!

    The Royal Horse Supervisor is a disciple of Heavenly Court who raises Pegasus. When many gods have official duties, they can come and get a Royal Horse to use as their leg strength!

    "Well, there are many immortals coming and going in this Royal Horse Prison! This is the most suitable place!"

    After searching and checking secretly, Qin Moyu chose the Royal Horse Prison as his destination!

    Then, Qin Moyu raised his hand and took out a blue spiral medicine tube!

    It is the original solution of T-virus!

    Qin Moyu opened the T-virus solution, and then secretly sprinkled ten drops of the virus solution at the entrance of the Royal Horse Prison, and then turned and left!

    When in the underworld, there are almost all ghosts and zombies, so it is difficult for the T-virus to work!

    "However, the immortals and divine generals in the immortal world all have immortal bodies. This T-virus original solution should be able to work, right?"

    Of course, Qin Moyu is not sure what kind of chaos it can bring to the heaven, but it does not prevent him from giving it a try!

    At the entrance of the Royal Horse Prison, there are many gods coming and going. Naturally, the Royal Horses and gods coming in and out are all infected with the T-Virus!

    As for whether it will break out?  Qin Moyu was not in a hurry to leave, but secretly hid in the dark and watched!

    Although this is a fairyland, everyone here is a fairy!

    However, the t-virus is technology after all.The things produced in this stage are completely different civilizations from those of cultivating immortals!

    So, there are possibilities for it to work, and there are possibilities for it not to work!

    It all depends on how the situation develops!

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? did not take long, about 20 minutes for it to take effect, suddenly, at the entrance of the Royal Horse Prison, a strongman was holding his horse and preparing to go back, when he suddenly fell to the ground!

    The situation of this strongman surprised the people around him, so they stepped forward to see what was going on with him!

    As a powerful warrior in the immortal world, he actually fell to the ground?

    However, as the strong man fell to the ground, it seemed like some kind of signal, triggering a chain reaction!

    Other strongmen, even Pegasus, fell to the ground one after another!

    The people nearby who had not fallen to the ground were stunned when they saw people falling down one after another!

    No matter how many calls and shouts were made, these powerful men and Pegasus who fell on the ground did not respond!

    Just like that, after a while, suddenly, a strong man opened his eyes. His gray-white eyes were completely devoid of energy!

    Then he opened his mouth and bit the person next to him!

    "It's done!" Seeing this scene, Qin Moyu nodded secretly, and then left quietly, even leaving the heaven directly and returning to the human world!

    "Master, are you back so soon? How is the situation in heaven?"

    "Cai Chen, please come with me to the palace"

    After meeting Ning Caichen, Qin Moyu didn't say much, but took Ning Caichen directly to prepare for a trip to the palace!

    However, before going to the palace, Qin Moyu found the Red Queen first, and the Red Queen had prepared a baggage!

    After picking up the baggage, Qin Moyu took Ning Caichen directly to the palace and entered the palace unimpeded!

    "Mr. Wolong? Didn't I hear that you have ascended to the immortal world?" When he learned that Qin Moyu had arrived, the emperor said with surprise!

    "Your Majesty, I came today because I have something that concerns the entire human race, and I want to discuss it with Your Majesty!"

    "Is it related to the entire human race? Mr. Wolong, let's talk" Listening to Qin Moyu's words, the emperor also realized the seriousness of the matter!

    Qin Moyu didn¡¯t talk nonsense. He opened the door of hell wide open. Behind the scenes was the truth controlled by the immortal world, as well as the motives controlled by the immortal world. All of this was told to the emperor!

    "It turns out that it's because of Heaven!?"

    Knowing the truth of the matter, it turned out to be those superior gods who wanted to make human beings go through hardships in order to gain more faith. This made the emperor's face look ugly!

    Angry and helpless

    "Now, the heaven is in chaos, and it is estimated that it will be in chaos for a while. This is our chance!" Qin Moyu said seriously!  (Remember the website address:
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