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Chapter 552: Holding the 1993 KOF competition?

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    "Human? I didn't expect that there would be a human calling me"

    In the ice cave, a misty voice sounded!  It was the voice of the big snake!

    Being awakened by humans made the snake extremely surprised!

    Your own goal is to destroy all mankind, why would mankind resurrect itself?

    "Dear Orochi, I came to look for you this time because I want to resurrect you. I have found clues to Qidahime"

    This man in a cloak lowered his head and said!

    Qi Inadahime is a key figure in the complete resurrection of Orochi!

    Only after obtaining the Ineda Hime can the Orochi be resurrected in its complete form!

    "Ki Inada Hime? What's the clue? Tell me quickly!"

    After learning the clues about Chi Inadahime, Orochi's voice became a little anxious, and he hurriedly asked this man!

    "Lord Orochi, you can search for a girl named Qida Yuki. She is the Qida Hime in today's world" The man in the cloak lowered his head and said!


    Orochi silently wrote down the name of Qi Daodian Xue, and then, with a tone full of doubts in his voice, he said: "As a human being, why would you tell me this?"

    "Because I admire Lord Orochi, I hope to follow Lord Orochi!" Lowering his head, the man in the cloak said, showing that he was a fanatical admirer!

    "Okay, I allow you to follow me!"

    "Just wait carefully. Soon, the gods from the Kingdom of Heaven will find you. I hope your clues are correct!"

    After the words fell, the voice of the big snake gradually disappeared, as if it had completely fallen asleep!

    "It's done!"

    After successfully talking to the snake this time, under the cloak, an Asian man with black hair and eyes showed a happy look on his face!

    The world, background and history of The King of Fighters are very similar to the local culture of the island country!

    This is of course a huge advantage for the reincarnations of the island country!

    ¡°Moreover, before I traveled to the world of The King of Fighters, I also got an S-level mission guide!

    Yes, an S-level hidden mission!

    That is to help Orochi find the existence of Inadahime and resurrect him in a complete form!

    If this mission is successful, you will get an S-level hidden mission rating!

    For myself, this is definitely a huge gain!

    Leaving the cave quietly, the man was secretly looking forward to it!

    Will the Eight Heroes of the Heavenly God Clan come to this world early?

    In 1993, most fighters were relatively weak, right?

    If the heavenly gods come, they will have crushing power!  By then, resurrecting the big snake should be very smooth!

    Once you succeed, what will you be rewarded by the S-level hidden mission?

    The power of a certain character?  Powerful magical item?  Or even a few thousand combat points to help him rise to the level of a B-level reincarnator?

    "If this is the case, if you can gain the power of a B-level reincarnation after surviving 13 reincarnations, your reputation will be resounding throughout the whole palace of reincarnation, right?"


    There are secretly reincarnators who have begun to make plans to resurrect the serpent, let¡¯s not talk about it for now!

    At this time, after meeting the father and son of the Kusanagi family once, Qin Moyu had returned to the Kagura family with Zhen Yuanzi and several others!

    "This is? A member of the Yagami family?"

    The two sisters of the Kagura family, of course, recognized the clan emblem on Iori Yagami¡¯s clothes, and there were surprised looks on their faces!

    "And Mr. Zhenyuanzhai?"

    As the strongest fighter recognized in the world, of course the Kagura sisters also recognize him!

    Are you worthy of being a god?  After going out for a walk, I asked people from the Yagami family and even Mr. Zhenyuanzhai to accompany me and come together?

    "This time, I met the head of the Kusanagi family!"

    After casually introducing the identities of Yagami-an and the others, Qin Moyu spoke again and explained to the Kagura sisters what she had said to Kusanagi Shibune and the others!

    "Do we have the Kusanagi family to join forces to create a divine religion?" Hearing this, Sister KaguraThere was a look of joy on his face!

    With the power of the Kagura Foundation and the prestige of Kusanagi Castle, the establishment of the divine sect should go smoothly, right?

    "Besides, do we still have Mr. Zhenyuanzhai together now? If so, we might as well hold a KOF competition, right?"

    After Kagura Mangui thought for a moment, he suddenly spoke and made a proposal!

    "Kof competition?" Hearing this, Qin Moyu was slightly startled!

    Because of his own intervention, did the Kagura family come up with the idea of ??holding a KOF competition in 1993?

    "Yes, with the reputation of Mr. Jin Motoko, the reputation of Kusanagi Castle, and the financial resources of our Kagura family, holding a KOF competition will definitely be an unprecedented event!"

    "This competition will not only bring together the world's top fighters, but it will also attract the attention of countless people!"

    "And at the end of the final competition! If the gods show up in person and award rewards, the name of our divine sect will be spread all over the world immediately, right?"

    Kagura Wangui opened his mouth and explained his thoughts in detail!

    It has to be said that Kagura Mangetsu is worthy of being the leader of the Kagura family. These methods are very reasonable when spoken!

    Thinking carefully about the grand occasion of Master Kof, in the end, the god appeared to present the award. He only needs to show up once to let the whole world know about the existence of god right away, right?

    And taking advantage of this matter, the development of the divine religion will indeed be much easier!

    At the same time, if we unite some top fighters to deal with the big snake, wouldn't it be killing two birds with one stone?

    Everyone agreed with Kagura Mangui¡¯s suggestion, especially Fairy Zixia next to her, who nodded eagerly!

    If the Kagura Foundation holds an unprecedented KOF competition in advance, if it comes to pass, in Zixia's view, it will definitely be a hidden mission with high praise!

    In this case, Zixia of course supports this proposal with both hands!  Everyone agreed with this proposal!

    After everyone discussed the details of the desired KOF competition, not long after, Kusanagi Shibafune came to the Kagura Foundation in person!

    After explaining the KOF competition, Zhenyuan Zhai was used as the caller, and the reputation of Kusanagi Castle was used

    News about the 1993 KOF competition quickly spread all over the world!

    The KOF competition before 1994 was actually organized by Keith, the godfather of the American black gang!

    If it were placed in the United States, it would naturally be considered a grand event!

    But in the world, of course, it is not worth mentioning and cannot be mentioned on the stage!

    Therefore, after the news of the KOF competition was announced jointly by Kusanagi Castle and Zhen Yuansai, the strongest martial artist in the world, fighters all over the world were gearing up!  (Remember the website address:
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