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Chapter 1070 Destruction of Hueco Mundo

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    A huge passage has appeared!

    ?Then, all the 13th Guarding Division of the Quiet Spirit Pavilion were dispatched!

    The five strong men from Division Zero are accompanying us!

    There are also Ye Qingyan, Mo Yuling, Chadu Taihu, Kurosaki Ichigo and others

    This time, Soul Society has officially launched a war against Hueco Mundo. This can be said to be an all-out battle, and the lineup is very huge!

    With the massive invasion of the Shinigami, Hueco Mundo naturally received the news soon!

    It¡¯s just that Aizen has been killed, and Hueco Mundo¡¯s current situation can be said to be leaderless!

    Although, Yhwach¡¯s status in Hueco Mundo is very high, second only to Aizen.

    However, when Aizen disappears, other people will not obey Yhwach so sincerely!

    At least, as the former King of Hueco Mundo and now the 20th Blade, Balegang cannot surrender to Yhwach!

    From Bailegang¡¯s point of view, if Aizen is gone, it will be time for him to return to the throne of King of Hueco Mundo.

    Not to mention, Ke Yatai and Tiya who are qualified to compete with him are no longer there!

    If it were Yhwach in his heyday, let alone Balegang, even Aizen might not be his opponent.

    But it¡¯s a pity that Yhwach, with only a ray of remnant soul left, is not strong enough to suppress the entire Hueco Mundo!

    So, how can we be the opponent of the Shinigami if there is no unity within Hueco Mundo?

    As the large army of the God of Death pressed forward, these Arrancars in Xuye Palace felt panic in their hearts, and even thought about how to escape!

    However, at this moment, suddenly, a huge formation appeared in Xuye Palace.

    Immediately afterwards, the translucent light curtain completely enveloped Xuye Palace!

    "Is this? The entire Xuye Palace is banned?"

    Looking at the restrictions that completely enveloped Xuye Palace, Yhwach's face became much uglier.

    "When did this stay!?" The other Arrancars looked even more horrified!

    At this juncture, there is actually a huge restriction that surrounds the entire Xuye Palace?

    This is definitely the work of the God of Death, right?

    The purpose is self-evident, is it to wipe out Xuye Palace in one go?

    After discovering this restriction, the people in Xuye Palace naturally joined forces to break it.

    But the purpose of the restrictions that were placed here early was to stop these people in Xuye Palace so that they could not escape.

    How could this restriction be broken so easily?

    The soldiers are expensive, and they are destroyed and dead. Without much time, the army of death has come to the Xuye Palace!

    The ending is naturally no surprise at all.

    The army of Death surrounded the entire Xuye Palace. Many strong men took action. It took half a day to kill all the Deaths in Xuye Palace!

    "Alas, the plan really can't keep up with the changes"

    Seeing that the last Bailegang was also killed, Qin Moyu couldn't help but sigh in her heart!

    "Originally, I defeated Balegang and made a deal with him, hoping that Balegang would act as an internal agent for me.

    But I didn¡¯t expect that Baile Gang didn¡¯t play any role at all!

    Of course, the reason for this is that the soul king's heart was given to him and fused with it, which greatly increased his strength!

    ¡°Also, Urahara Kisuke¡¯s Hondama was delivered to him, which also greatly increased his strength.

    So, with his strength greatly increased, he faced off against Aizen in the middle, and killed him in a solo duel!


    Finally, bursts of screams came out of Yhwach's mouth, attracting the attention of many people!

    I saw the Spirit King raising his hand and holding Yhwach's head with his palm.

    Then, Yhwach¡¯s body turned into a puff of smoke, and was completely absorbed by the Spirit King!

    "Is he this? Shalu?" Seeing the result of Yhwach, Qin Moyu secretly complained in his heart!

    "Yhwach's identity seems to be split from the Soul King?"  Some even say he is the son of the Spirit King?

    Now, the Soul King can actually absorb Yhwach?

    Qin Moyu transformed the Spirit King's artificial human body. In this way, he absorbed Yhwach's body, giving the impression that it was like the artificial human Saru.

    After all, in the original Dragon Ball, Cell can devour other androids, thereby making himself stronger!

    "However,"Words are easy to see through!  "Smiling slightly, Qin Moyu did not deny it.

    "Are you going to disappear for more than ten years this time?" Urahara Kisuke asked, looking at Qin Moyu.

    "I don't know, maybe there will be a chance to meet again in the future, or maybe there will be no chance to meet again in the future!" Qin Moyu shook his head slightly!

    Yes, the reincarnation world of the God of Death is quite special. There is actually a second chance to travel through it, but will there be a third opportunity to travel through it in the future?

    That¡¯s hard to say.

    "Well, since you said that, you must have your own considerations. If we really don't have the chance to see you again in the future, I hope you can take care of yourself!"

    When Urahara Kisuke heard this, he didn¡¯t mean to get to the bottom of it, he just replied so seriously.

    "Well, this time, at least it's a good goodbye!" Qin Moyu also said with a slight smile.

    "Yes, it's much better than before!" Thinking that Qin Moyu disappeared suddenly last time, Urahara Kisuke also nodded.


    In this world, Urahara Kisuke and Qin Moyu are drinking tea and chatting.

    Soul Society, Division 13, Captain Ukitake Jushiro is chanting the Tao Sutra in a low voice!

    Unlike others, Ukitake Jushiro's health has always been in poor condition.

    However, studying the Taoist scriptures over the years has made his mood much more peaceful.

    And the improvement in his mental state will also be of great help to Ukitake Jushiro's physical condition!

    However, at this moment, a figure quietly came behind Ukitake Jushiro (Remember the website address:
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