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Chapter 1071 Shocked by the bad news, the captain was attacked

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    Hueco Mundo has been destroyed, and the two bosses in the original work, Aizen and Yhwach, have also been killed!

    Although there is still a lot of time before the two-year mandatory return, Qin Moyu no longer has any strategies for hidden tasks!

    So, let¡¯s get started!

    Wait quietly, and take advantage of the last time to practice hard!

    "Huh? This is"

    In the present world, Qin Moyu was sitting cross-legged, practicing the Heavenly Demon Book in the spirit gathering array. Suddenly, he felt something in his heart and opened his eyes!

    A pitch black butterfly was flying in front of Qin Moyu!

    "Hell butterfly?" Looking at the black butterfly in front of him, Qin Moyu secretly thought in his heart!

    At the same time, stretch out your fingers!  This hell butterfly landed on Qin Moyu's fingertips.

    Then, a stream of information poured into Qin Moyu's mind.

    "Ukitake Shiro, is he missing?" After receiving the message from this hell butterfly, Qin Moyu showed a shocked look on his face!

    Ukitake Jushiro, after all, is also a veteran captain-level Shinigami. As the direct disciple of old man Yamamoto, he is still very powerful.

    But, he actually disappeared?

    ??From the 13th Division¡¯s team building, can you still feel the spiritual pressure left by Ukitake Jushiro¡¯s battle?

    ??In other words, someone was attacked and disappeared?

    We were attacked in the opposite building of Division 13, and no one else noticed?

    This is a quick battle. The opponent has the strength to completely crush Ukitake Jushiro, right?

    "Who is it?" Qin Moyu thought secretly in his heart.

    Aizen has been killed by himself, this is absolute, there is no way he is still alive.

    Yhwach was also absorbed back, and the two strongest bosses in the original work were killed!

    So, who else can take action against Ukitake Jushiro, or even kill him in an instant?

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? out of mind, but this hell butterfly is not just a simple message, but also a summons to summon him to Soul Society.

    Therefore, with doubts in his heart, Qin Moyu stood up!

    The Zanpakutš­ thrust forward, and a Japanese-style sliding door appeared in front of Qin Moyu. It was the world-transmitting door to the Soul Society in this world.

    Then, Qin Moyu came to Jingling Court!

    On the First Division side, all the captains of the Gotei Thirteenth Division are gathered here.

    A captain-level god of death was killed by a sneak attack. This is definitely a big deal for Jinglingting!

    "Everyone, I believe you all know about the attack and disappearance of Captain Ukitake Jushiro. What do you think?"

    Old man Yamamoto was leaning on a cane and his tone was calm, but the hot spiritual pressure on his body was restless.

    It feels like a volcano that may erupt at any time!

    After all, Ukitake Jushiro is also a disciple of old man Yamamoto, so it is reasonable for old man Yamamoto to be angry about this matter.

    "Judging from the scene of the battle, Captain Ukitake took action, but none of us felt his spiritual pressure riot, and the damage was not significant, so the murderer's strength must have crushed Captain Ukitake!"

    Nirvana from Division 12 was the first to speak. When he said this, his eyes were still staring at Qin Moyu, obviously he meant something.

    After all, Captain Ukitake is also a veteran captain-level Shinigami. There are only a handful of people who can crush him, so the scope of suspicion is not wide!

    "Captain Niryuri stared at me and said this, is he hinting at something?"

    Looking at Nie Yuli, Qin Moyu's eyes narrowed slightly!

    "Captain Gongziyu is joking. I am just stating the facts and not implying anything!" Nie Shuli shook his head and replied.

    "By the way, could this be Hueco Mundo's revenge?" Hitsugaya Toshiro suddenly spoke at this time, proposing a conjecture!

    "Hueco Mundo? Aren't those strong men all wiped out by us?" After listening to Hitsugaya Toshiro's words, Nirvana shook his head and said!

    "Those are just some of the strong men under Xuye Palace, and they do not represent the strong ones in Hueco Mundo!" Hitsugaya Toshiro emphasized!

    "Well, what Captain Toshiro said is not unreasonable!"

    "I remember from the previous investigation, the third member of the original Ten Blades left the Ten Blades, so he was replaced by the people behind him!"

    "There are some other powerful people hidden in Hueco Mundo that we don't know about, it's also possible!"

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?I know your abilities, how could you not know who the murderer is behind the scenes?  "Hearing what Mole City Kenpachi said, old man Yamamoto's face changed slightly, and he obviously didn't believe what he said.

    However, Mole City Kenpachi didn¡¯t care whether old man Yamamoto believed it or not. He sat cross-legged and started chanting the Tao Sutra!

    "You, if you can tell me the murderer behind the scenes, I may not be able to let you take the blame!"

    Seeing Mole City Kenpachi's attitude, the old man Yamamoto was silent for a moment, thinking that he just wanted to take this opportunity to make a request, so he took the initiative to let go.

    However, Molejo Kenpachi, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground and chanting the Tao Sutra, still didn't even raise his eyes.

    "Obviously, he is not interested in what Mr. Yamamoto said!"


    Seeing the appearance of Mole City Kenpachi, the old man Yamamoto looked angry.

    However, Qin Moyu next to him stretched out his hand to stop him!

    Is it the strongest flame-based Zanpakutš­?

    Although he is old, old man Yamamoto¡¯s temper is still so bad!

    "Mole City, do you really not know, or do you just don't want to tell me?" Qin Moyu asked Mole City Kenpachi.

    "Mole City Kenpachi didn't bother to pay attention to what old man Yamamoto said.

    However, Qin Moyu's words made Mole City Kenpachi stop chanting the Taoist scriptures.

    Opening his eyes and looking at Qin Moyu, Mole City Kenpachi asked: "Gongziyu, do you want to investigate this matter?"

    "Not bad!" Qin Moyu nodded.

    If you can find the murderer behind the scenes, this should be a good hidden mission.

    "I know who the murderer is, but I dare not say" (Remember the website address:
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